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1.In 2000, PNAC, the influential neo-conservative think tank “Project for a New American Century,” wrote that if the US wanted to maintain their position in the world and expand it further, they would need a new drama like Pearl Harbor to make the American people warlike again.

2.All planes that bear away above American territory are usually intercepted by fighter jets within 10 minutes. On 9/11 this did not happen at all with the 4 hijacked aircraft. Why not on that day? And why were large-scale military exercises going on?

3.The Twin Towers were hit by a plane at a different height and at a different angle. Yet they collapsed in almost the same way: smooth, explosive, symmetrical, within 12 seconds and through 70,000 tons of cold, intact, structural steel. So strangely enough by the way of most resistance!

4.WTC 7, a 47-storey and 190-meter high skyscraper, was the 3rd tower to collapse at 5:20 PM on 9/11. Without a plane flying in. The small fires that were raging there had been extinguished for some time when the tower suddenly came down like a controlled explosive demolition. The Dutch explosive demolition expert the late Danny Jowenko fully endorsed this when in 2006 he was shown the unknown images of the collapsing building in a Zembla TV broadcast.

5.WTC 7 collapsed during the first 2.25 seconds with the free-fall speed. That is about 30 meters, or about 8 floors. This fact is even fully recognized by NIST (the American TNO). However, it means that the entire support structure, including all connections on those floors, had completely and simultaneously lost their function. An office fire can never cause this and until that day it had never happened in a tower with a steel support structure. On September 11, 2001 it happened three times in one day!

6. WTC 7 owner Larry Silverstein already ordered SOM architect David Childs in April 2000 to design a new building on the site of WTC 7, while the building was only 13 years old and well let! Was it his special business instinct or did he possess a certain amount of prior knowledge?

7. The American research institute NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) stated that it had found no evidence for the use of explosives. Upon inquiry it turned out that they had not looked for it, despite the fact that this is a standard requirement for such incidents!

8. The 9/11 Commission was established 442 days after the disaster day at the insistence of the bereaved. The Commission had too small a budget, was instructed in advance, ignored eyewitness reports and ceased important evidence. The presidents later stated that the committee was set up to fail.

9. At the Pentagon, where the 3rd hijacked aircraft would have flown in after a difficult maneuver, the crime scene was entered and cleaned up immediately after the attack. Despite the many cameras around the building, clear images of the crash have never been released. In Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the crash area of ​​the 4th hijacked aircraft showed an empty crater. Emergency services reported to the press that they could find absolutely nothing. No aircraft parts or people, nothing that pointed to the crash of a large airliner.

10. A few weeks after 9/11, former NATO general Wesley Clark was told by a colleague in the Pentagon how 7 countries were scheduled to be invaded in the following 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally Iran. It didn’t go that fast, but the list is almost complete.

These are just 10 examples of the many sensational issues associated with each other around 9/11. It is inconceivable that one man in a cave in Tora Bora managed to coincide with this coincidence of special circumstances, without having cooperated with criminal elements within the American government. If he has already had anything to do with it – there is still no evidence for that. The FBI also agrees.

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Who are we?

We, the board members of the September 11 Foundation, are a diverse group of people who have been involved in society for a considerable number of years.  We have known since a long time that our governments don’t tell us the true story behind the 9/11 attacks.
However, strangely enough, the official conspiracy theory about 9/11 still predominates in politics and mainstream media. But apart from that we are fortunately seeing a growing awakening of the actual truth.

Several of us have been engaged to find the truth on the 9/11 attacks since 2006. Including organizing meetings to bring that truth under the attention of a large audience. But we want and must continue. That is why we have decided to join forces in the September 11 Foundation .

We are in a hurry! We are clearly entering a new and apparently definitive phase.  Our democratic rights are being eroded to the bone by the current government and our privacy is being thwarted by new laws, among other things. Everything still under the guise of the so-called “Fight against Terror.” It is now time for a powerful, critical opposition from a large group of knowledgeable people.

This group can only arise if there are even more people who are actively aware of the objective facts. What we ask of you is: conduct your own research and form your own opinion. On this website we have collected the most important books, videos and links to other websites that can help you on your way. Don’t accept anything from us. Read, look, think, compare, enter into discussion with us and be stubborn.

That’s how we started.

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Amsterdam, March 2018.

The board of the September 11 Foundation,
George van Houts, theater maker
Jan van Aken, entrepreneur
Wico Valk, architect


We work together with various international organizations such as Truth Action Project (TAP911), Lawyers Committee for 9-11 Inquiry and Architects & Engineers for 911Truth.

Board of the September 11 Foundation

George van Houts (secretary)
Jan van Aken (treasurer)
Wico Valk (chairman)













Left to right.: Wico Valk, George van Houts, Jan van Aken

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The 9/11 attacks still hold the world in their grip after the notorious launch of the “War on Terror” by Bush Jr. and by politicians who want to frighten and, above all, keep people in fear. 

The result of this policy?

A killer world, in which we are dragged into an international fear agenda, which must be at the expense of countless civilian casualties, our personal liberties and hundreds of billions of euros and dollars that end up in the arms industry.

Even though these attacks are now nearly 17 years ago, it does not mean that we must forget the unanswered questions and unresolved riddles of these attacks. On the contrary, it remains necessary to continue to bring this story to the fore. Now perhaps more than ever.

We are convinced that a new, open and honest 9/11 investigation will be able to reveal the real facts and possibly even bring the real perpetrators to justice. A new generation is waiting for our decisiveness! Information and honest information provision are our essential tools.

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